As a company, you might be wondering how to harness the platform LinkedIn and what your company can do to have a better presence on the career planning social-networking site. We’ve come up with a few simple things that can really help you take your LinkedIn Company page far.

  1. Brand recognition

Get your logo out and post it everywhere! Profile picture, channel feed, make sure that your logo is represented and recognizable to users that are coming to look at your brand. Your logo might be the first thing a user interacts with so you want to make sure that it’s on point and ready for potential clients.

  1. Don’t just copy and paste

While tempting, you may not want to just copy and paste your company’s mission statement on LinkedIn and have that be that. What you need to do is write about your brand coming from what platform you’re on. LinkedIn is a part of social media so you want to engage with your users. You want them to want to know more about you so having a bio or mission statement that’s tailored to the platform will really give you a step in the right direction.

  1. Keywords, keywords, keywords!

Going into the specialties section of LinkedIn and make sure you put in keywords as to what your company does. For example, BusySeed would put in social media marketing, or social media management. You want to be clear with what you do for prospective clients and potential employees.

  1. Use images

Just as you would with any other social media platform, the posts with images are going to be the ones that perform the best. You might have the best content or copy in the world but what’s going to draw people in are the images that you use.

  1. Engage with your users

It should go without saying but you will need to engage with potential clients as they engage with your content. This means responding quickly to comments, continuing to discuss things once your content has been posted and making sure that the community sees that you are active and a part of it. You will want to be there and ready to interact with anyone showing interest in what you’ve written or posted as content.

These are just a few strategies to help your company get started. What do you do to actively engage users on LinkedIn?

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