Generating leads through social media is one of the best ways to gain access to new clients and potential new avenues for your business. Gaining those clients through leads, though, can be decently tricky.

Here are a few ways that we recommend using leads:

  1. Hold a contest

Holding a contest seems like a no-brainer. Give away something small but have a form that your contest entrants need to fill out to be entered. If you’re giving away an item your business sells or a service that you offer you have just created a list of all the people who are interested – without having to purchase a Facebook ad.

  1. Hold twitter or google chats to generate leads

Banking off the ideas used in number one, you can also generate leads through showing off your own skills. Hold an online Q&A for those who might be interested in hiring your services. Teach them something that you know you’re an expert at. Those who virtually remote-in to the class will be prospective clients that you already have a relationship with because you’ve answered some of their questions.

  1. Have a newsletter

Show off everything that you know by creating a newsletter with a weekly topic that means something to you or represents your brand. As people start signing up for your newsletter then you will have a wealth of lead generation since those signing up for the newsletter are interested in what you have to say and you can pursue helping them further.

These three tips are not the end of the list of ways to get leads but they are a few small ideas to get your started. Of course for more information feel free to reach out to us here at BusySeed at 888-353-1484

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