Are you looking to improve your social media marketing? Do you know what works best for larger companies? The best way to incorporate techniques into your repertoire is to study what brands with high levels of engagement are doing.

Here are ten tips from brands doing an exceptional job of social media marketing and receiving results to match.

#1 Add associated hashtags

To make your posts automatically identifiable to your fans and followers, use a hashtag that relates to your brand or product constantly.

#2 Produce a Facebook Cover to Promote Events

Your Facebook cover photo is your main real estate. It’s something you can leave as-is for steadiness, or change regularly to showcase special events, promotions and even a change in season.

#3 Fulfill Supporters Wishes

Customers regularly depend on social media for product and website support. Keep an eye on your Facebook follower page and Twitter notifications to keep your response time to a minimum.

#4 Generate Interest with Instagram

An average of 55 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. So if you’re not on Instagram already, bring your brand on the bandwagon.

#5 Influence Followers Friends on Twitter

Any deal or markdown that follower can share with a friend is an excellent way to extend your reach.

#6 Keep Facebook Updates Brief

The ideal length for a Facebook update has been cited as fewer than 40 characters, even though you can add as many as 63,000.

#7 Launch Original Products

If you have something new to promote, your first and greatest audience is on social media.

#8 Minimize Negative Feedback

When companies post on social media, they expose themselves to both positive and negative feedback. Respond to customer concerns in a timely manner to minimize any negative buzz about your brand.

#9 Ask Questions on Facebook

Questions are great conversation starters and serve as market research. Draw a post or pic into a question about an event, holiday or trending topic with a hashtag, and your engagement may hit the roof.

#10 Return to an Update and Edit

The edit function on Facebook makes it easy to update original posts and notify fans who won a contest or giveaway on your page. It also lets people know your contests are legit.

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