Facebook seems effortless…you upload a picture, add a post, or advertise something special going on and people should flock to your page and react, right? That is the hope that every business owner believes before they get started. From what “experts” claim it’s that simple. Most people give up or just completely stop updating their page when they become disappointed with the results. We are going to tell you something you may not want to know…People don’t want to hear about your products all the time! Why would they? People are pounded daily with advertisements from all angles- from the radio on their way to work, to billboards while they walk to grab lunch, to the computer while at work, to the TV when they settle down for the night. Let’s face the facts people don’t come to Facebook to see advertisements.

To increase engagement on Facebook, you must provide content that is not only relevant but personal too. We will provide you with three main methods that will help you increase your Facebook page engagement.

#1 Timing

People don’t realize it, but timing is very important when it comes to posting on any social media networks. You can imagine if you add a post while people are at work or sleeping it is clear it will not get the reaction that you want. It is always better to post after work or when people are in transit. The best time to share on Facebook is at noon and a little after 7 PM.

#2 Asking Questions

Every person on Facebook has an opinion. Questions are a great way to spark up conversations between or with fans. This is probably the easiest way to get people to respond to your posts.

#3 Facebook Contest

Contests are another fantastic way to increase Facebook engagement. This will excite loyal fans, but also will get other users to visit your Facebook page to see if they have won!

What is the purpose of a Facebook page if not to be creative and offer value. Never be afraid to make it your own and personal. It is OK to be charismatic!

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