If you’ve been an active business owner on Instagram lately you may have noticed a few new things, including the addition of a story. Now you may be thinking why would I need a story I’m a business? Yes, you are a business, which is why you should think about the new story addition as the perfect tool to engage your customers without overwhelming their Instagram news feed.

Here are a few other reasons why we are in love with Instagram Stories….

#1 Live Content

Although live content may sound a little scary, it is actually a great way to showcase your brand on social, and it creates a new and innovative way of providing offers. Yes, offers. Keep your Instagram followers engaged and constantly checking your story by doing pop up deals once a week or even a couple of times per month. This will give your customers an incentive to check in with your brand daily.

Be sure to take advantage of your target audience checking your story on a daily basis. Even when you aren’t promoting a deal, take the time to provide your followers with a great live video or photo. This will help inspire them to engage with your page and potentially visit your business in person.

#2 Additional Communication

Communication is the sole purpose of social media, and Instagram Stories furthers that initiative. Since you have the option to film live, host a Q&A session or announce a trivia question of the day to get the communication with your customers flowing. Followers can direct message their questions or comments to your Instagram inbox, which gives you as the business owner the opportunity to further their interest in your products or brand.

#3 Brand Awareness

This is one of our favorites aspects of the new Storyline feature. Brand awareness is so important for new businesses or businesses looking for new growth. Use Instagram Stories to show your customers behind the scenes action of your business, which will help instill the type of “ brand personality” your business has. Yes, businesses have personalities.

Try creating a live video cooking up a new special, going on a coffee run or setting up new merchandise in your store. Customers like to see that there are real people behind their favorite businesses & products, and this is your way of giving them that insight.

Instagram Stories is just the first of many things to come for our new favorite platform. Your business has so many incredible opportunities to take advantage of, so get out there, create a story and see how your customers/followers respond!

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