What should your local business invest in? Print collateral and radio ads used to be the go-to marketing strategy for all businesses, but with the popularity of social media platforms over the past few years things have been moving in a different direction. Many small business owners wonder if social media is necessary or if it is just a trend…and we are here to tell you social media is here to stay, and for good reason!

#1 The Ability to See Results

When you send a direct mailer or place a poster on a display board outside of your store, do you really know how many potential customers are seeing it? Most likely not, which is why social media is your new best friend. With the insights on platforms like Facebook you are able to see how many customers you’ve reached, their age, gender, etc. This is essential when deciding which offers may work within your establishment, which don’t and what types of content your customers like to see. The ability to narrow down these facets makes targeting your perfect customer easier. Now, can your postcard marketing campaign tell you that?

#2 Target…(not the store)

Ads on the radio or in a newspaper can be hit or miss, and you may never find out how many individuals actually listened or came across the material. Social media doesn’t really like those odds and would rather be able to target individuals in the right demographic with behaviors that are specific to your local business. Through Facebook Ads, targeting specific individuals is possible and effective. You no longer have to guess if anyone is seeing your ad, on social media you know they are.

#3 Social Media is Consistent

How many newspapers with ads or direct mailers have you thrown away? Typically after one look your marketing print collateral will make its’ way to the recycling bin. All the time and money spent on creating the ad or campaign is over and your shot to increase foot traffic or sell a product is quickly diminishing. Social media platforms are nothing like that. With daily postings or targeted ads you are able to stay in customers news feeds and keep consistently in their thoughts.

Although you may not be on the social media train yet, it’s worth talking about. Marketing has shifted into a new digital age and actually makes it easier for your local business to reach customers who might have interest. So, think about it. Mull it over, and give us a call to start talking about the potential your social media page has.