WhatsApp Business is a new app created by WhatsApp especially for small businesses in mind. In the new app, you can create business profiles with your information including your address, contact information, business hours and a short description. Since the app was just released in the US earlier this year, it is still a relatively new tool for marketers and small businesses alike.

At BusySeed, we have done a bit of research and come up with the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind when creating a WhatsApp Business for small businesses.

#1 Keep it loyal

Using WhatsApp Business to reach and retain your loyal customer base. No one likes to be contacted from unknown numbers, especially when the message is trying to get them to buy something. So, try to avoid “cold texting” on WhatsApp. Also keep in mind, while there are quick responses you can program on WhatsApp business, only one phone number is associated with the account. This means, there will only be one person in charge of the account. Only focusing on loyal customers will help you focus your attention and not become overwhelmed.

Having a dedicated messaging platform just for your most loyal customers helps them feel appreciated and valued by your company. It also gives them the opportunity to build an even more personal relationship with you and gives them easier access to information if they have a question or are searching for a certain product.

#2 Consistent brand personality

Just like on other social media platforms, a consistent brand personality is a must! Figure out if your brand voice on WhatsApp should be the same as on Facebook, or maybe a little bit more personal and laid back, like with an old friend.

#3 Get feedback

Because you will be in direct contact with your most loyal customer base, don’t hesitate to ask them questions! The information they give you can be invaluable and help from an even more powerful social media marketing strategy.

For example, ask them which products or menu items are their favorites. After you collect all of this information, you can decide which products you want to put on sale or have a limited time offer to bring in more customers!

#4 Status Updates

WhatsApp statuses are much like Instagram or Facebook stories. Use them to post limited time offers or discounts that only WhatsApp users have access to! This will ensure a high interaction rate with your profile and entice new users to want to join in on the fun.

The bottom line is, as a small business, you need to be where your consumers are. Your competition can be strong, but personalized communication on a regular basis helps your brand stay in your customer’s mind. BusySeed can help you develop a WhatsApp Business strategy to help boost sales and brand loyalty for your business. Contact us today!