Understanding the difference between ads and normal social media posts can be tricky when developing your own social media marketing strategy. While the general branding should stay consistent with your posts (logos, colors, etc.), there are subtle differences.

Social media posts are any types of content that are published on your company’s different pages like Instagram or Facebook. This includes status updates, pictures, videos and GIFs. These posts just exist on your page and are visible to only to those who follow or take a look at your pages’ public profile.

On the other hand, social media ads are “boosted” so that the content is shown to more people on the platform. When a post is boosted on Facebook, for example, the post will appear as sponsored on someone’s Newsfeed even though they have not yet liked that business’ page. Depending on the ad type you choose, there will be the option to like the page or an additional CTA like “Learn More”.  

Another major difference between social media posts and ads for small businesses is the intent with the which the posts were created. Normal social media posts should create regular engagement between you, your customers and your community. On the other hand, ads should be categorized into one of three categories: awareness, consideration or conversions.

#1 Awareness Ads – Raise general awareness about your small business, so there is less focus on deeper engagement.

#2 Consideration Ads – Arouse a deeper interest in your business and get social media users to take action

#3 Conversion Ads –  Increase sales as well as store visits.

The largest differences between normal social media posts and ads for small businesses are targeting and a specific Call-to-Actions (CTAs). CTAs like “Sign up now” or “Click here” for 50% are great for conversion ads while something such as “Learn more” is perfect for an awareness ad.

Targeting your ads is a huge part of your success. Make sure to narrow your audience to around 400,000 people for the best results on Facebook.

Does your business need help to develop a social media marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the BusySeed team for advice and guidance!