Do you have a content strategy that works best for your Facebook page? Are you aware of the types of content that work best? A deep dive into Facebook Insights will help you to identify which content drives the most people to engage. People have become very frustrated with the decrease of Facebook’s reach. However, when you leap into your insights, you’ll receive a bunch of information about how others are responding to your content. You may even find that your content is resonating better than you originally thought. Facebook insights are used to maximize your sharing strategy. The data feedback helps you stay in touch with the content that’s best for you and your brand, while avoiding the things that don’t work. You can gather some initial information from your basic page insights.

These are the ways to use Facebook insights to get the information you need:


#1 Check Your Basic Insights

If you are seeking your best content, and want a fast and easy way to find it, look at the basic Insights for your Facebook page. To access the data, go to your page and click on insights at the top of the page. There are a few areas to review: Reach, Benchmarks, and Engagement.

Go to the reach area and check out the spikes on the graph, these are the posts with the widest reach. You want to really pay attention to them since these are the ones you’ll want to replicate.

Reach is a source that irritates many people because it’s not a very important stat. The reason it becomes so bothersome is that Facebook shows what each post gets, and it’s out of your control.

What’s most important is trying to improve your engagement. You can then benchmark your results to the previous period, to see if your strategy is working. When you want to compare, search for a specific period under reach. You will then be able to see if your new techniques are making a difference. It’s important to remember, the posts that get a lot of reach are likely to also get a lot of engagement.


#2 Download Insight Data

If you are looking to dig deeper into Facebook’s valuable analytics, download your page’s Insight. Sort and manipulate the data, so that you can see the information that is most important to you. This is very important if your goal is website clicks, rather than likes, shares, and comments since you can’t get that from basic Insights.

To download your data, go to Insights, click on export, then select post data and create a date range. The maximum range you can export is 180 days or 500 posts, whichever number you reach first. If you choose to post several times per day, keep an eye out on your numbers.

Focus on the main goal: Before you study anymore of your Facebook Insights, you should determine what your goals are and then rank them in order of popularity or importance. These goals include engagement such as comments, likes, shares, website clicks, traffic, emails, sales, and others.
When you understand your best content and what moves you toward your goal, you can continue to grow faster. If you find it difficult or do not have the time in the day to post about your specials, there is help that can be provided. You should consider having a professional social media manager on your side.

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