Shoppable media – it’s the future of online marketing! So…what is it exactly? Shoppable media is any content that includes a call to action in regards to a product directly on the post itself- no link in your bio or caption necessary. This kind of feature is still in development for many social and e-commerce platforms; however, Pinterest already has a pretty well-established shopping system which features buyable pins. A similar feature is being offered by Instagram but is not yet available on a large scale. Snapchat is also coming closer to a product like buyable pins following the release of “context cards” which allow you to swipe up and learn more or carry out a simple action like calling an uber after viewing a story.

The reason why shoppable media is making such a wave in the online marketing community is it is the first kind of feature created with both consumers and businesses in mind. Things like Augmented Reality (AR) or “perishable” content that lasts up to 24 hours already existed and were just adopted by professionals to serve their needs. Not to mention, shoppable media is geared toward the younger generations who happen to be the big players this holiday shopping season, which is predicted to surpass $100 billion in online revenue.

As we move into the holiday season, it’s important to know who to focus on as well as which marketing strategy to use. According to a recent Goldman Sachs study, a new generation will be overtaking the millennials in size and influence: Generation Z.

This internet driven generation spans to the late teens or very early 20s, so they grew up with smartphones. Gen Z is impressed by creative visuals, speed, accessibility, and excellent customer service. They are also very active on mobile, so apps like Snapchat or Instagram are VERY popular.

Gen Z also loves personalized gifts for friends and family. And where do they find these gifts? You guessed it, online platforms like Instagram! So imagine what would happen if consumers just had to click, add to cart and finalize their order. Sales would increase tremendously! Additionally, Gen Z is twice as likely to be converted while on mobile, and 80% are influenced by social media while shopping online. By having something like a “Buy Now” button on your photo, you can attract significant holiday spending as well as Gen Z all year round!

Even though shoppable media may not be available to everyone at the moment, it’s essential to prepare yourself for the future. Make sure you have a business account on all social media platforms and start creating some beautiful posts to showcase your products! If you’ve already done that, try and apply for the Instagram or Pinterest features!

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