A common question we get from clients is how their social media affects their SEO. Our answer? Although blogs and fresh content on your website is the best way to boost your organic search engine rankings, strategic social media can actually help too!

Start With Your Following

Yes, social media will indirectly affect your search rankings, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. Search engines like Google and Bing will often measure your brand based on your audience. Meaning if you have a large following, they assume your are a relevant business that produces fresh content…and fresh content leads to better search results.

So, if you are a local business that doesn’t think the number of likes on your business page is important, you should start rethinking your strategy.

Be Bossy-ish

There is a way to tell your followers what to do without being known as a “Bossy Barbara”. Use your posts to be assertive in order to get them to click on your website link or blog content easily. At the end of your post ask your followers to “take a look” or “check out” your new content. This will help your following know that you want them to take action, which will lead them to your website, helping you boost your organic search engine rankings.

#3 Pay Attention To Your Profile

Your social media profile is more important than you might think. Search engines may not scan every post on your social platform, but it will take a look at your profile. This means that all areas of your social media profile need to be filled out keeping your industry and SEO keywords in mind.

Improving your organic search engine rankings is an ongoing process that social media is playing into more and more each day. Get started by creating a list of long-tail keywords you believe your customers will be searching for. Then take to your social media platforms and start posting engaging content that customers will want to click on, so that search engines will reward your hard work!