Social Media Loves Small Business

In today’s digital world, social media has become a crucial element of our daily lives. Having an online presence is no longer just left up to your website to handle, it includes being active on all social media platforms. With over 70% of adults online using social media, and nearly half of those individuals visiting their favorite platforms multiple times per day…that’s a whole lot of opportunities for your business.

We know all of the big named brands are active on social media, but what about the small businesses out there? Is it even worth doing? Well to put it simply, yes. Social media marketing is here to stay and the benefits make it a perfect addition to your small business growth strategy, and here’s why.


#1 Branding

Branding is important. It is the essence of your business and should be showcased. Your businesses social media channels are the perfect platforms to show current and potential customers who you are as a brand. This can be achieved through a multitude of ways, but first and foremost is your look. Your business page on social media should represent who you are. From the cover photo to the copy in the about section, it is important to keep your brand in mind. The goal is to be cohesive. So whether it is your website, store or social media channels, your customers need to get the same service, emotional connection and visuals that you would provide in person.

#2 Content

Creating great content is crucial. Why? Because content is how you entice potential customers while keeping your current followers engaged and interested in your product or service. Each social media post needs to have a purpose. Do you want to let customers know about an event? Or is there a certain dish you want promoted for your restaurant? The posts that are created need to keep these intentions in mind and focus on the “bigger picture” strategy. Each post should utilize your brand’s unique voice and professional visuals in order to create an atmosphere for new and current customers. The cohesiveness between your brand and content will allow your social media pages to act as an extension of your business.

#3 Reach

Growth is the ultimate goal for every small business. Increasing foot traffic, leads and sales are a few of the most common reasons a business will jump on the social media train, and for good reason. Social media has given small businesses the ability to reach customers they didn’t know existed. Marketing use to be about billboards, print collateral and direct mailers. Although marketing collateral is still effective, it’s social media marketing that takes the “cake”. Through social ad campaigns and organic outreach you have the opportunity to reach thousands of individuals who might be interested in your business. Instead of getting a flyer stuck on their car, your post pops up in their news feed and allows them to engage and even act on an offer you’re providing. Non-disruptive marketing is the best marketing, and social media is the solution.

Social media success doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that can offer real benefits for local businesses looking for growth and a solid online presence. Any industry can find success on social, so now the question is… how are you utilizing social media to grow your small business?