Getting your local Rhode Island followers to share your content on social media may not be the easiest task, but there are a few content must do’s that will help get your following active and engaged with your daily posts.

#1 Video Love

Social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram prefer videos and so do their users. Since video content is on the rise, your business should take this as an opportunity to join the movement. You don’t have to be a Martin Scorsese to make a splash, you just have to have clear quality and engaging material.

Video Idea: Are you a restaurant or a retail shop? Instead of just posting a photo of your new dish or product give your followers a quick video introduction instead! Record your Head Chef putting the finishing touches on the new plate or your product being put on the shelves for the first time. This will not only build up anticipation, but will offer your customer base a great piece of social media content!

#2 How-To

As a consumer we all love a good how-to blog or info-graphic, which is why you should consider posting your own up on social media. Customers like to know that you are an “expert” in your industry. By giving how-to instructions you are letting your followers know you are a knowledgeable source.

How-To Idea: Are you a local Dentist or a Mechanic? Offer your following a how-to on the recommended way to brush your teeth or how to check the oil in your car. Not only will this be a help to your customers, but it will create an opportunity for your content to be shared with others in their circle who could potentially need your service.

#3 Real Photos

Yes, stock photos are beautiful but they aren’t a representation of your local Rhode Island business. In order to have shareable photos they will need to be authentic. No one wants to share a stock photo of a plate of chicken wings, they want to see the real thing in all of its’ delicious chicken wing glory!

Photo Tips: Go for quality above all things. Although your followers want authentic photos it doesn’t mean blurry. Make sure that you are taking clear images that truly reflect your product or service.

Having share-ability is an important part of your businesses social media page. Take these three examples of great shareable content and give them a try on your social platforms. Let us know how it goes or if you need our assistance as your local RI Social Media Managers!

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