There are so many social media marketing companies out there. So the question is how do you choose one?

As a local RI business owner you are probably way too busy to run your own social media platforms. We get it. There is not enough time in the day to sit and respond to customers or post about your daily specials. That’s why having a local RI social media manager on your side is well worth the investment.

#1 Time Saver

It is a lot of work to run a business and time is never in abundance. When you add running your own social media platforms to the schedule you will probably find yourself forgetting to post and missing customer comments. The solution is hiring a Social Media Management company.

Think of your Social Media Manager as an additional employee that is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to marketing and utilizing your social media platforms to benefit your business. Sound a little wonderful? It is. At the end of the day they are there to save you time so you can focus on running a successful business, while they can focus on getting you real results on social.

#2 Knowledge

The common misconception about social media marketing is the everyone can do it. Although Facebook is very user friendly, using it to help grow a business is not something everyone can do. The most successful businesses have a strategy behind their social media posts and paid ads and it is now a necessity for all businesses that want to see growth.

By hiring a local Social Media Manager they will be able to combine their knowledge of marketing with their research and background of your business to give you the most successful strategy. It is no longer enough to just post a photo once a week or a single link to your website with no text. Posts should be engaging and have call-to-actions that are simple for customers to use, yet effective. All will be put in place by your Social Media Manager.

#3 Local

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when hiring a Social Media Management Company. Why? Because as local they will know your business, your patrons, your competitors and most importantly know your area. This personal touch to posts will be the key factor that keeps your customer base engaged.

For Example. Your business is based in Rhode Island. Your Social Media Manager is not. You have a restaurant located downtown and WaterFire is coming up. If your Social Media Manager is based in Texas, would they know that WaterFire is an important and busy night to promote for your business? As a Rhode Island Social Media Manager they would know these small but important details that are essential to the success of your business on platforms that your customers follow.

As Social Media Managers we are looking to save you time as a local business owner and get you solid results. We are an extension of your brand and look to create new customer engagement and most importantly a return on your investment. So the questions is…when do you want to start?

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