Whenever your business has an event the buzz is what fuels your social media page. Customers are constantly sharing event details, asking questions or genuinely showing their excitement. A big issue many local business owners find is that once the event is over their social media page and establishment go through a lull with little engagement on social and little foot traffic through the doors.

Keeping the buzz alive is not something every Rhode Island business owner thinks of doing…but it is something that needs to be done. Take a look at our 3 tips for getting your followers back in the social game and back in your business.

#1 Keep the Party Going

Sharing photos from the event is a great way to get your followers engaged again. Many will comment about the great time they had and will often share photos or posts with their personal followers. This is how you keep the momentum going.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures so that after everything has calmed down you can remind customers about the event, which in turn will inspire them to come to visit your establishment again.

#2 Give Followers an Incentive

Offer your customers what they really want…post event discounts or deals! Use your social media page to post up offers for your local business. This will get customers interacting with your page again and coming through your doors. Create an offer that has an expiration date in the not too distant future so that you have an increase in sales during what is supposed to be your post event “lull”.

#3 Ask for Engagement

The best way to get engagement back up on your social media page after a big event is by asking customers to well…engage! Create a post that not only makes page engagement fun, but rewarding.

For ex. If you have a photo contest where the customer with the best photo from the event gets a FREE appetizer, they will be more than willing to participate. Make it fun, make it light and always remember to tie in your business and most recent event in order to keep the buzz in the air.

There you have it, our top 3 ways to get back your social media followers after an event. With a little social media power & incentives your local RI customers won’t be able to keep themselves away from your business or social media pages!

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