Every business page on social media should have a certain look. A look that is your own and reflects who you are as a brand. Now, many of our customers wonder how they get their own “look” that will entice their target demographic… and that my friends is what we are here to help you with.

#1 Imagery

The key to giving your social media page a “look” is by creating images through photography or graphic design that reflects who you are, and the type of audience you are looking to approach. This is crucial when it comes to your social media branding and is why you need to choose wisely. If you are an upscale restaurant, high end photographs with crisp lighting and staged food will be useful, but if you are a local Irish Pub, those images will most likely not resonate with your audience. Utilize images that are more casual and give a warm feeling to those viewing them, this will help solidify who you are as a brand to those on your social channels.

#2 Language

Think of your business as a person. How does your business talk? Is it professional, friendly, or funny? These are the questions that will help you sculpt the tone of your page, along with taking a good, hard look at your demographics.

If your main consumers are millennials, you will want to cater to their language by speaking with a casual vibe and using hashtags like #onfleek or #foodporn. If you are a dental office, your approach will be slightly different because your target audience will expect a professional quality. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your social media pages, but keep in mind your “professional” essence.

#3 Platforms

The platforms you parade your “social look” on is just as important as the imagery and language you use. It is all about knowing your industry/audience and the types of social media platforms that make sense. For example, restaurants will always have a place on Instagram because of the popularity of food photos, but for those who offer services, it may not be the best place to present yourself. However, a social platform like Twitter is heavy on wording and caters to those businesses that have something to contribute verbally. Make sense?

Now that you have the key components to put together your “social look”, are you ready to get started? We are always ready to help a fellow local business in need, so feel free to shoot us any questions you may have about creating your social media style!

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