Is your local Rhode Island business new to social media? No problem. We all have to start somewhere and the first step is getting your business page setup and ready with content. Your social media page will now represent your business and is why you need to focus on these 5 areas in order to get your target audience interested & engaged.

#1 Profile & Cover Photo

It is essential for your profile photo to reflect your business, and your logo is the best way to achieve that. The easier your customers are able to recognize you the more likely they will be to like your page. A profile photo will be present on all local RI Ad campaigns you run, so make sure it is clear, visually appealing and not cropped off. Keep you professional standard with the correctly sized profile image.

Cover photos are your chance to have a little fun. If you have specials, a variety of products or a great photo of customers enjoying your business, this is the place to put it. A cover photo is a big focus on your business page so be sure it is a quality visual that complements your current branding and gives visitors an idea of what you do or offer.

Tip: If you can’t decide on one picture, do a collage!

#2 Call-to-Action Button

What is important for your RI business? Do you want customers to call, email or get directions? The CTA button on your business page will be what gets your customers to act. It’s a simple addition that will not only make it easier for your customers to reach you, but makes your Facebook page a tool for turning followers into sales or leads.

Tip: If you don’t know which CTA to use, try different ones each week to see which button works best for your demographic.

#3 Optimize Your About Section

When you first look at the about section you will most likely be thinking…do I really have to fill this all out? The answer is yes you do. Although you may have a bright & shiny new website with an about section your followers will most likely get info from this page. Be sure you are adding in the correct info so that customers will be able to get in touch easily or learn more about your services or product without having to put much effort into it.

Tip: The more info you are able to fill in the more value you add to your brand on Facebook. Customers want to see that you are a quality business with a phone number, email, hours and website.

#4 Create Visually Appealing Posts

Now that your page has been created it is time to add posts. Publish a few starter posts that use great imagery, offer deals or tell your new fans more of what you do. Use this as an opportunity to set the tone of your page and to show your new followers the type of content they can expect to see in the future.

Tip: Once you have new followers on your page post at least 4-7 times per week to keep up engagement and momentum of successful posts.

#5 Interact with Customers

Once your new followers are up and active on your page be sure to interact with them. When they comment, you comment. This will let active & new followers know that you appreciate their engagement and their responses are being heard.

Tip: Keep in mind that if you have a negative comment you should respond calmly. Although you may not agree with the customer it is important to hear their side and never get defensive.

Now that you know our 5 tips for getting your social media page off of the ground you are ready to show your local Rhode Island customers who you are. If you have any questions or would like our help to make your business a social media sensation, email us at or message us on Facebook!

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