Recently, there’s been a new group that has overpowered the millennials in size and influence, Gen C. According to Brian Solis` 2012 definition, Gen C is a group of individuals, irrespective of age, who use an abundance of technology during their daily routine.

Gen C is not your typical kind of generation rather a “psychographic group.” This means they share different mental attributes or lifestyles. Like millennials, they are aren’t passive internet users. They love to consume, create and curate online content. You need to make sure to create attention-grabbing age-inclusive content to be successful.

Still asking yourself why Gen C is important? Not only are they the largest generation online, but they are responsible for $500bn of 2013’s annual spending!

Here are our top three tips for targeting Gen C online:

#1 Be Shareworthy

For 59% of Gen C, the internet is their main source of entertainment. So, strategically placed online ads on social media platforms are the best option. For example, Dove harnessed 163 million Youtube views by promoting highly relatable content with their Real Beauty Sketches.

#2 Partner Up

85% of Gen C rely on personal recommendations or feedback when making decisions about purchases. Partnerships with social media influencers help grab their attention and tackle the growing problem of ad blockers – 11% of global internet users have Adblock installed on their computer!

#3 Stay Consistent

According to a Google survey, 62% expect brands to deliver a consistent brand experience. If this is delivered, it’s more likely they will remain loyal and recommend the brand to others.

Do you need more tips or help on starting your new Gen C focused strategy? Reach out to the BusySeed team and start creating your new social media strategy today!