Yes, the holidays are upon us and having a social media strategy is more important than ever. If you are using Facebook to help your business this holiday season there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

#1 Special Dates

Your social media strategy needs to be organized in order to take on the holiday season, which means you should pull out your calendar and take note of a few important dates. Days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday can make a huge impact on your seasonal sales, and is why you need to keep these in mind while planning out your posts for Facebook.

Keep in mind that the earlier you start posting on Facebook about sales or deals happening at your business, the more likely customers will be to take advantage of those deals.

#2 Keep Posting

Facebook is a great tool for your business during the holidays. It allows you to continuously post reminders about specials and events so that customers will frequently be reminded that your business exists. Now, this doesn’t mean your social media strategy should include boosting the same posts 4x per day, but a few times per week will be just enough to stick in your customer’s mind and entice them to participate.

#3 Utilize Ads

Ads are one of the most useful tools to use in your holiday social media strategy. They allow you to get the word out about sales and gift certificates effortlessly and can be displayed in your customer’s news feeds within a matter of minutes…if Facebook Ads Manager is cooperating. Just remember to keep your ads simple and to have them reflect the holiday theme.

Even though Thanksgiving is next week, there is still time to start promoting your business on Facebook. Just keep our social media strategy tips in mind and start posting, because it is never too late to take part in holiday trends like Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!

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