You may have a love hate relationship with social media. We get it. Many of the Rhode Island business owners we meet are unsure of the value of social media or don’t know why they should be on it…and that is what we are going to tackle today!

Go Where Your Customers Go.

So you have a bright & shiny new Rhode Island business and want to get the word & brand out to potential customers. What do you think is the best way to do that? Sure, you could send out a few direct mailers or buy a TV spot, but do you know if it is actually reaching your customer base? The answer is, you don’t. You see traditional marketing methods are still great, but digital marketing is a whole other ball game.

Through platforms like Twitter or Facebook Ads, you are able to target the local individuals who have an interest in the product or service you offer. This is huge. When sending a direct mailer out to local Rhode Island residents, you have no idea if they are interested in the type of food your restaurant offers or the type of service your medical practice prides itself on…but through Ads you can narrow down specifics about your business and present your content to demographics that will be more likely to connect and engage.

Keep Up with the Times.

Rhode Island is full of local businesses that have been on the map for years. They have their regulars, but are looking to expand and don’t know how. We have two words for you. Social media. Put all your misconceptions about social media away and listen to the truth. Social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram are no longer just for high school & college kids. Millennials & adults are taking over the most popular social platforms, and those are the individuals you are most likely looking target. This doesn’t mean you have to have your name on every social media platform, but it is important to be on the platforms your RI demographic uses most. If you want to target a younger audience and have stellar food photos, Instagram would be a great fit along with the always popular Facebook.

Keeping up with the times does mean change, but good change. Your business won’t lose its’ local identity by joining the world of social media. It just shows you are participating and looking to connect with existing customers, while taking the opportunity to reach out to new ones.

Social media is exciting. It’s always changing and always giving local businesses new avenues to be the best business they can be. We are in the digital age, and when it comes to growing your Rhode Island business, it is a great opportunity.