Snapchat is one of the best platforms for engaging with young consumers – 60% of 13-34- year-old US smartphone users are active on the app. While Facebook has become a less intimate space to interact with friends and family, young people have started to prefer Snapchat’s unprofessional original content.

Snapchat has the large user base (around 170 million daily users) to secure an effective marketing campaign. So what campaign options are available? Snap Ads are 10-second full-screen video between Stories during which users can swipe up and learn more about the product or brand. Geo-Filters are a great option for local and nationwide businesses to raise awareness of their brand. On-Demand Geofilters are better for local businesses, can be created in minutes and cost upwards of $5! The other option, sponsored Geofilters, are pricey but are shown to users across the country. Context cards are an add-on for Geofilters as well as Snaps submitted to a public “Our Story” feeds. These cards allow you to learn more or take simple actions like calling an Uber.

Why should you promote your business on Snapchat instead of continuing with the routine promotions on platforms like Facebook?

#1 Authenticity is Key

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat promotes content that inspires an authentic interaction with your consumers. Give your customers access to content that was never seen before. Sharing behind the scenes or sneak peek content gives consumers a view of the faces behind your business. This kind of interesting content will have people returning for more, every day.

#2 Get it Before it’s Gone

You have up to 24 hours to view an account’s story and up to 10 seconds to view opened Snaps. Urgency is a great tool to boost your following and engagement numbers.

#3 Remain Low Budget

You can share content when taking nothing out of pocket at all. If you wish to start a promotion, start with a $5 Geo-Filter and go from there!

You work hard on your content, so you should get the recognition you deserve. Snaplytics revealed last February that users watch brand’s Snapchat stories almost 88% of the time! The benefits of Snapchat marketing are endless, you have low cost and partially low effort content, with intent to purchase up to 2x higher than other mediums.

Would you like to start using Snapchat for your business? Reach out to the BusySeed team today for market insight and valuable tips. We are always excited to help small businesses grow!