Social Media for Restaurants
We turn Likes into reservations and filled seats

With social media for restaurants, you connect with the world’s largest food community while increasing awareness, driving consideration, and increasing loyalty. Today’s mobile diners can order anytime, anywhere—so be there when they’re hungry.

People want to see your restaurant on social media

When you get a chance, look at your restaurant and notice all the people on their phones. Pretty wild right? We live in a digital age where people are looking to interact with friends and their interests through the convenience of their mobile devices. Having your restaurant on Facebook is crucial because it is where people will discover your restaurant. People want to comment on food pictures, tag their friends to make plans to go or just stare with a watering-mouth wide open. We here at BusySeed are experts when it comes to Facebook for restaurants.

“I know I need to have my restaurant on social media, but it takes too much time” you may proclaim.

Yes, it does take a lot of time, effort and smarts to be able to successfully promote your restaurant on social media. Luckily BusySeed has all three of those since this is literally all that we do. We provide social media for restaurants in different regions around the country and internationally as well.

Return on Investment happens instantly

The beauty about the way BusySeed handles social media for restaurants is that everything tracked and ROI is made much easier. Take our client Billy’s Chowder House, for example, there were 175 people that checked into this restaurant this week alone. That means 175 people saw their social activity and decided to come in and spend their money. 

Do the math: 175 x $25 average ticket price per person = $4,375 that Facebook brought in, in 1 week. Facebook for business is a must-have.

VP of Business Development

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