Holiday shopping will be groundbreaking this year, especially in regards to online sales. Adobe predicts that online holiday spending will surpass $100 billion! Here are some quick tips to help your small business increase sales using social media this holiday season:

#1 Share the holiday cheer

The holidays are a happy time for everyone! Sharing some holiday-themed posts on your social media networks can create an emotional connection with your customers, which in turn promotes brand loyalty and drives sales.

#2 Get interactive

MarketingBitz recommends using polls on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see which products interest your customers the most. You can then take these items and run a holiday discount, or promote them more heavily across social media. This way, your customers feel valued and are presented only with the products they want most.

#3 Holiday promotions

Holiday promotions are a great way to take part in festivities but also drive online and in-store sales. Make sure to have a special offer which is only available on social media! A popular version is to hide discount codes in Instagram stories. This creates an air of excitement and exclusivity for your followers. They will always come back and look for more deals!

#4 Partner with Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are social media influencers or bloggers with a smaller following but create a much larger impact. These influencers come across as more authentic to consumers, so their opinions are weighted heavily. Gift giving is a serious task, and having an influencer’s stamp of approval makes the decision to buy something much easier.

Does your small business need help with social media during the holiday season? Reach out to the BusySeed team for more tips and tricks!