Holidays are always a lot of fun and can boost your revenue, especially when part of your normal social posting schedule! Here are BusySeed’s top tips on how to correctly incorporate holidays into your social media marketing campaigns!

While most people think of holiday marketing in the traditional sense, you should also take advantage of fun and silly celebrations for your social media marketing campaigns! From World Chocolate Day (July 7th) to Get to Know Your Customers Day (October 18th), there is a perfect day for every business! Hubspot has created a calendar you can download outlining 2018’s holiday marketing opportunities with accompanying hashtags to use on your posts! However, when a major holiday overlaps with a less serious one, consider which is more important for your brand and which relates to your customer best.

#1 Time-sensitive offers

When planning social media for restaurants, time-sensitive offers and events around holidays can cause a huge boost in engagement. For example, offering 5% off all hamburgers on May 28th for National Hamburger Day will surely bring in a crowd. Time-sensitive offers are not just limited to restaurants. Any small business can share an offer and reap the benefits! However, don’t overdo it, the majority of your content should remain fun, lighthearted and entertaining.

#2 Research and plan ahead

Especially on important holidays, you don’t want to be stuck behind the computer cranking out last minute posts. Make sure to plan out the themes in advance as well as on what days you will schedule them. You can do this directly on Facebook or look for 3rd party websites to help you do the trick.

Social Media for restaurants and other small businesses can be tough, but holidays make it a little bit easier. Do some research about the smaller celebrations and see which apply to your business. This will help you come up with some new content ideas in addition to structuring your posting schedule.

#3 Get involved in your community

If there are events going on in your community related to the upcoming holiday, make sure to take part and promote them on your pages as well. This will not only improve your reputation within the community but will also raise awareness about your business. Not to mention, you can meet more locals at the events and have the chance to convert a new customer.

#4 Limited time products and menus

Especially if the holiday at hand has a specific color scheme, don’t hesitate to promote items with these colors heavily on social media. The best example is Green for St. Patrick’s Day! Green can be used on things from shirts to drinks at the bar! Fun and interesting products or menu items are great ways to boost engagement.

As for all social media posts, make sure to keep an eye on your analytics. Take note of what style of posts and copy encourage the most buzz. These styles should then become a standard piece of your social media marketing strategy.nav

What has been your business’ experience with holiday marketing? Leave a comment down below!