Yes, even for small businesses! A social media presence in this day and age is absolutely necessary – for one, billions of people are active on various social media sites. The more often you post and the more sites you utilize will make a huge impact on your brand awareness and brand loyalty. People who follow your brand on social media also tend to be more dedicated and have more trust in your brand- which means more profit for you!

While you might not realize it at first, Social Media can make your customer service even better! Interactions will become more personal, something that your clients really appreciate. If there is a problem, most people would rather talk to a person than an automated machine- and social media allows that to happen! Depending on how large your company is, customers will be able to get a personalized response almost instantaneously.

Social media business pages also come with great *free* insights! The easiest thing to do is monitor comments and reviews. Do your customers seem happy? Do they have any suggestions or constructive criticism you can consider? After using the account for an extended amount of time, you can use data to analyze and compare what type of posts you publish, and at what time posts perform best!

Social media marketing campaigns are generally less expensive than their traditional counterparts. Campaigns are also easier to create and target online due to many ‘built in’ advertisement services like Facebook Ads.

Possessing an active and legitimate social media presence on the web can also lead to better search engine rankings! Following in social media’s surge of importance, sites like Google, are now considering the strength of your social media presence and other similar factors, while determining your business’ placement on the search page.