A new year marks many new marketing trends online. It can be a bit overwhelming to sift through everything, so we handpicked the most important trends to watch over the next year.

#1 Live Videos

80% of consumers prefer a live video than reading a blog post from the same brand. 82% prefer live videos over “normal” social media posts. Live streaming can even boost your profits, according to the same study, 67% of live stream audiences purchased tickets to similar events shown in the specific stream.

It seems Facebook Live is a great place to start since 66% of consumers prefer Facebook over other platforms. Facebook has also reported that users spend 3x times longer watching live videos over static content present on the newsfeed.

If you already have a following on Youtube, however, that Livestream can be much more widespread and interactive.

#2 Video

If you aren’t sure where to start with live streaming, normal videos on social media platforms are still very effective. Especially for younger consumers, video trumps all other content. Mobile video consumption is predicted to reach 30+ minutes daily while desktop viewing maxes at around 19 minutes per day. Spending on mobile video ads is expected to reach $18 billion over the next year.

#3 Always Improving

If content marketing is already a part of your strategy, you need to keep updating any information or statistics used! According to the Social Media Examiner, 55% of bloggers are already updating previous articles with more up to date information. Updating your posts can boost your SEO ratings. After all, SEO ratings can just come down to a keyword or two. A quick update also saves time – instead of rewriting an entirely new article, just change the necessary info and click on share again.

#4 Apps Takeover

Mobile Apps like Instagram or Snapchat and mobile versions of desktop applications are a huge market. While there are a ton of apps to choose from, focus on those with the largest user base and the most realistic price points for your business.

While the ethics may be questionable, messaging apps for business will become a opportunity for online marketers. In 2017, there were 1.78 billion messaging app users and this number is projected to rise to 2.48 billion by 2021. As a small comparison, there were around 2.13 billion monthly Facebook users in the last quarter of 2017.

Currently, there are a few different applications for messaging apps for businesses. In the future, there may be the possibility to advertise products or services directly within private chats.  Currently, chatbots for business can act as personalized customer service agents or a virtual appointment book.

#5 Big Data

Big Data is finally coming to small and mid sized businesses. Things like artificial intelligence and machine learning play a big role in the growing accessibility of Big Data. According to Forbes, a lot of online advertising platforms are already incorporating this data into their normal ad services. Last year, there were already 6 million developers working in the Big Data industry. So, the information is only going to become more attainable.

#6 Chatbot Revolution

Customer service can be hard, but according to customers, it’s also one of the most important parts of a brand’s experience. If your team doesn’t have the time to answer messages on social media personally, you should be looking into utilizing Chatbots for business. Chatbots are considered the cheaper way to achieve a notion of personalization during customer service interactions. Chatbots can be used on various platforms like your website or within Facebook Messenger.

Check back next week for more inside tips and developments within the social media marketing industry. Need some more guidance? Reach out to our team at BusySeed. We’re here to help you develop and strengthen your online presence!