According to a Facebook press release from this past July, there are approximately 1.32 billion daily active users – yes billion. With so many potential clients, you need to make sure you are utilizing your Facebook page to its full potential. We have previously written an article about this topic, but we just couldn’t resist giving you some more tips!

So where did we leave off… profile & cover photos, call-to-action buttons, optimizing your ‘about’ section, visually appealing posts, and interactions with customers are all extremely important. But what else is there to consider? Take a look below to find out!

#1 Photos of your Service/Product

While having a profile and cover picture help aide and heighten brand awareness, people want to have an idea of what they are buying before they spend their hard earned money! Add photos of your service or different products to allow them to browse and see what you have to offer. Make sure the photos are good quality, and that the service or product is the focal point of the picture.

#2 Reviews

Reviews are another important factor consumers consider before choosing a certain product or service. They want to make sure that what is promised is truly what you receive. And don’t worry, bad reviews are not the end of the world – they give you a chance to showcase your awesome customer service skills!

#3 Verification Badge

Verify your business page for a small gray check mark that shows Facebook users, that your page represents a legitimate local business. Even though it may seem silly, it does represent credibility in the eyes of consumers.

#4 Facebook Ads!

Because Facebook is such a highly populated social network, putting ads on the platform definitely makes sense – and they really work! While you may have to try a few different styles to find what works best, Facebook Ads allow you to focus your campaign on the people that matter. Target your campaigns using a number of different characteristics like gender, city, interests and more! With the correct layout, your page and reputation will not only grow, but these likes will turn into real profit!

#5 Contact Us Button

While this ties into our last article and the point of having a call-to-action button, having a contact us button allows clients to contact you directly without much effort or time spent on their side. You want to make sure the contact process is quick and seamless, otherwise, you might lose some valuable customers!

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! If you are feeling a bit stuck or want a second opinion, fill out the form on the website or message us on Facebook!