When it comes to getting product sales through your social media, you have to be careful. Too many “sales posts” will be considered aggressive by your audience, and is why a good balance of informational and sales posts/ads is the best solution. So, if you are planning on kicking your product’s social media strategy into high gear, take a look at a few of our top tips!

Selling the Lifestyle

A great way to avoid the aggressive “sales posts” is by creating a lifestyle around your products. The same posts saying click here, buy now or call now to order 7 days a week will start to turn off your audience. Instead, give your page variation by utilizing those direct sales posts 2-3x per week and try selling a lifestyle the rest of the time.

What do we mean by selling a lifestyle? It’s simple, create a culture around your product that resonates with your target audience. Really hone in on what your “perfect buyer” likes and how they want to feel while enjoying your product. From there you can cater content towards their interests and remain on their purchasing radar.

Creative Images

Although Facebook will help your product reach more people, you will still need to entice them. That’s where creative images will come into play. Product images are great, but they won’t always be a crowd pleaser. Images of actual individuals using the product will be more engaging than a product in front of a white screen. The more creative, the more your product will stand out on Facebook among the thousands of other products being pushed.

Facebook Shop

If you haven’t heard of Facebook Shop before, that is most likely because it is a relatively new feature. Essentially it is another area where you can set up your products and sell. It’s almost effortless to use and makes shopping easy for your customers.

Facebook Friendly Offers

You may have created in store or e-commerce offers before, but have you considered doing a social media offer? Facebook now has the “create an offer” button. This will allow you to create your own social media offer for a specific amount of time. Whether you want to give 10% off to your Facebook followers or run a “BOGO” special, you can. All offers can easily be tracked and will be a great way to incorporate your social media platforms into your marketing strategy.

Are you ready to increase your product sales through Facebook? By finding the right balance of posts and utilizing the tools Facebook offers, you will be ready to go! As always we welcome you to send us your questions and we look forward to seeing your product take over the wonderful world of Facebook!

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