Is your local business looking to go international? Taking a local business and growing it overseas will not be an easy task, but it is possible. One tool many business owners utilize is social media. Although many of the world’s top social platforms originated in the United States, they are globally recognized and used.

Now, going international with your local business’s social platforms will take time, but with the right social media strategy in place, you will have an opportunity to reach a whole new market.

#1 Do Your Research

Although you may be a social guru in the United States, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can use the same strategy in Europe. Our solution? Do your research. Find out which platforms are big in certain parts of the world. Facebook has users from all over the globe, but if there are platforms more heavily used by the locals in a specific area, you may want to consider adding it to your social line up.

Another element to keep in mind is how the “potential buyer” uses social media in their country. Some may use it as a way to share popular videos, while others are there to seek out relevant information. Knowing how your audience will interact on social will help you be able to create content that is not only appealing to a certain area, but is similar to what they typically see in their feeds.

#2 Know Your Slang & Cultural References

One of the most crucial elements for going international on social, is understanding the language/slang and cultural references of the area you are targeting. Every country will be unique when it comes to relevant words and terms. So, before you start pushing ads out towards a specific international hot spot, make sure you could pass as a local. The quickest way to turn off international consumers is to sound like an outsider. In order to build their trust and entice them to learn more about your product or service, you will need to localize all of your content.

Cultural references are another key item to keep in mind while developing your international content. You will want to ensure your content not only makes sense to the international buyer, but is relevant to them.

Set A Budget

Like any social media strategy, you will need to keep a budget in mind. If you are planning on reaching out to various countries or regions, it will help to think of them as separate accounts. Each with their own content and budget. Since your content will need to be localized, your ads will need to follow suit. The cost of ads will differ when you go internationally, so it will be best if you have a set amount you are willing to spend for each and then adjust accordingly depending on the cost per click.

Taking your social media accounts international is a big move, but one that will be worth it. Just remember to do your research, create a localized strategy and most of all give it time.

If you are ready to take your business globally but could use a helping hand, reach out to us below and we will get your strategy set up for overseas success!

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