Facebook and Instagram are generally understood as the big players of social media marketing. They are great platforms, but depending on your business, Pinterest could be even better! While there are a ton of benefits to Pinterest advertising, we’ve chosen our top three highlights:

#1 Match with influencers and other content creators

Last month, Pinterest launched a new self-service tool for brands to connect with influencers and other content creators. From start to finish, all communication takes place on the Pinterest platform. And the best part: content should be created within 10 to 14 days. This is a great opportunity for brands since the influencers and creators who are part of the Pin Collective, have plenty of experience with the visually driven platform – they know what stands out!

#2 Lasting (and free!) effects

According to Pinterest, advertisers receive 20% more clicks the month following a Promoted Pin launch due to sharing. Someone will save a (promoted) pin, their followers will see that pin in their feed, save it as well, their followers repeat, so on and so on…

#3 Pinterest Propel

The platform also offers Pinterest Propel, a month-long program where you receive personalized support, custom pins created by the Pinterest team and expert training within their Ads Manager. Your first campaign will be supported and directed by Pinterest so you learn early on how to advertise best for your brand.

If your business is interested in advertising on Pinterest, check out Forbes’ 10 dos and don’ts and don’t forget to reach out to the BusySeed team for more advice.